AM Transmission is an established business for over 15 years, established on a acre facility in the phoenix metro area. We operate with highly experienced transmission builders, with an average of 25 years experience per builder.

Our team of builders are ASE & ATRA certified to ensure the highest quality in production of our re-manufactured transmissions (not rebuilt).

We proudly use the highest quality in materials from top suppliers such as oe manufactures, natpro, transtar, slauson transmission, and roadrunner converters. We stand with pride on each and everyone of our transmissions.

Our commitment and pride is to provide the highest quality in service and production at “wholesale prices”. We focus on excellence in customer service to provide our customer with only the best in there automotive need. Our goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible to our customers to get their vehicle back on the road with the quality that they deserve.

Having such an aggressive price as we do, we often get asked. “how do we do it”. In reality we operate by volume and not by profit per unit. With that said not because we offer a low price on each unit does it mean that we offer a low quality transmission.

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